The Jones Victorian Estate, Orange County CA
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"I cannot say enough about this place and my family's deep connection to it and to Michelle. You can go and have your wedding at the beach or at some fancy hotel but why the heck would you? The place is just gorgeous, tucked out of the way in a small neighborhood in the City of Orange, but how can you put a price tag on a place that comes with someone like Michelle?"
Krys G. - Click here for complete Yelp review

"Thank you, however, does not nearly express what a special, memorable day you provided for Katie and all our family. I am so very, very impressed with all you do.
Valerie Dubois - Mother of the Bride.

"Thank you so much for everything you did for us. We had so much fun at our wedding thanks to you. Everything went so smooth and everyone had a blast." - Matt and Ashleigh Muiruch

"I wanted to let you know what an awesome job you did. Your attention to detail was unbelieveable" -Cathy Perea

"You have been invalueable! Thank you for everything. You have the most beautiful place and you fit it perfectly" - Kerrie and Csaba Redl

"Thank you for all that you have done to make our wedding day memorable. It has been so nice to know that there is someone taking cre of all the little details" - Milos and April Gavrilovic

"When you brought out the "tictacs" for each of us it was cinched that you thought of everything" - Doreen and Ed Vail

"Reassurance is pretty important to people who are (a) getting married, (b) throwing a party for dozens of the next important people in their lives and (c) spending a bundle of money to do it, and so the sense you convey that you've totally got this business down and figured out a hundred ways to make things go smoothily, and that you really enjoy making it happen, was just what the doctor ordered" - Jeremy Anderson

"We felt like a King and Queen! Thank you!" - Nikki and Ryan Bertoni

"Because of your knowledge, time, understanding and organization, we had a perfect day! Thank you!" - Cheryl and Dennes Guevara

"I'm sure future Brides can make a lot of demands as the time draws near and panic can set in easily. According to Brandi, you handled everything so effortlessly. Thank you!" - Sharon Cheshire (Mother of the Bride)

The Jones Victorian Estate • 349 North Renee Street Orange, CA 92869 • (714) 744-1608